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Open Studio DC - SUPPLIERS 2014


PRE-STRETCHED SCREENS (wood or aluminum frame) Preferred fabric for artwork: Mono-poly 230M yellow mesh. For fabric printing: 130-160 mesh usually white mesh. Standard size I use in my studio: 25”x 36” PRINTER'S EDGE 1.800.467.EDGE (3343) VICTORY FACTORY 1-800-255-5335 18410 Jamaica Ave, Hollis, NY 11423-2400 


You will want a scoop coater that is about 4” shorter than the width of your screen measured from the outside frame. Remember that a scoop coater that is too wide and hits the edges of the frame will result in the emulsion going on much too thick. You will also probably want several squeegies in sizes that range from about 4-5” shorter than the width of you screen measured from the outside frame to smaller sizes depending on the images you work with. PRINTER'S EDGE 1.800.467.EDGE (3343) SILK SCREENING SUPPLIES 1-800-314-6390 


 ARCHES 88 22”x 30”unbuffered 100% rag paper. only paper to use for sanding and wax techniques RIVES BFK 22”x 30”100% rag paper good for most other applications. RENAISSANCE GRAPHIC ARTS INC. 1-888-833-3398 


I’ve had good luck finding rolls of film for my ink jet printer (but they also have sheets) from a company called Fixxons. VICTORY FACTORY – See above under “screens.” OFFICE DEPOT OR STAPLES Sell boxes of 8.5"x11" laser printer films, inkjet films or dual purpose films (which may be used with either type of printer). Generally, these stores do not carry larger sized films.  SILK SCREENING SUPPLIES Films of various sizes for either laser printers or inkjet printers - larger films that can't be purchased at office supply stores. 

POWDERED PIGMENTS & WAX MEDIUMS GLASS BEADS, GROUND TIRE RUBBER & PIGMENTS GUERRA PAINT & PIGMENT 212-529-0628 PEARLESCENT PIGMENTS KREMER PIGMENTS 212-219-2394 247 West 29th Street New York, NY 10001 INKS TW GRAPHICS 800-734-1704 (California) SILK SCREENING SUPPLIES You can purchase some of the best water-based inks to print on dark colored T-shirts or other fabrics. This is one of the best sites for general information and support. They offer a full range of supplies and wonderful “How to” videos on a number of different topics. 


NAZ DAR 1-800-257-8226 This site is very complicated. If you can’t use the direct links provided below, go to the main site then select “Nazdar SourceOne” and then “Graphic Screen Supplies” from there, try to use the exact names of products provided in the site search they provide. MACDERMID Autotype Plus Classic Direct Emulsion§ionID=112&subSectionID=1&subSection2ID=0&subSection3ID=0&attrCatID=0&attrIDs=0&catID=1&catTab=sub_section&productID=443 MACDERMID Autotype CPS Stencil Remover Concentrate§ionID=172&subSectionID=12&subSection2ID=0&subSection3ID=0&attrCatID=0&attrIDs=0&catID=12&catTab=sub_section&productID=724 CCI HC100 Haze Remover§ionID=172&subSectionID=13&subSection2ID=0&subSection3ID=0&attrCatID=0&attrIDs=0&catID=13&catTab=sub_section&productID=705 

REGISTRATION PINS & TABS ANTHEM PRINTING Anthem has both pins and tabs and the direct links are above. They only offer one size so it is easy to figure out what to order. LITHCO PRODUCTS 1-800-336-1138 LITHCO REGISTRATION TABS Made from .010”translucent polyester for accuracy & stability. Packaged in poly bags of 250 pieces. Self Adhesive or without adhesive Item # LIT-RT1 1/4”Round INK STORAGE CONTAINERS ROUND EYE SUPPLY This is a restaurant supply website. Pint (16oz) or Quart (32oz) Heavy Duty Plastic Soup Containers with Lids OTHER DICK BLICK /UTRECHT (and most major Art Stores) Sales/Customer Service 1-800-223-9132 Gamlin's Cold Wax medium Acrylic and oil paints Speedball Screenprinting Inks Grafix Mylar -Two sided Matte Iridescent powders India ink Sharpie Paint markers HOME DEPOT or DICK BLICK Createx Airbrush Cleaner good for helping prevent ink from drying when added in small amounts to ink or rubbed on the screen before printing— especially for fine details. GOOF OFF 2 Good for “opening up” dried in the screen ink. Also, for “excavating” print surface by washing. Can be mixed with Airbrush cleaner if it is too strong. Wear gloves. DO NOT USE ORIGINAL GOOF OFF 1 FOR THESE PURPOSES. TOO STRONG AND TOXIC. 

 Many of the websites listed above offer a full range of screenprinting equipment and supplies. I have ordered from all of these sites successfully – Some of them are easier to use than others. The materials listed here are what I use in my own studio but there are many other fine products out there that you might want to try.